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Relocating for a new job

With all the excitement that comes with a new role somewhere new, don’t let the logistics get you down.

Relocating for a new job

If you’re someone who dreams of working in another country or perhaps wants to relocate to a different part of the same country then opportunities can sometimes come up at work that allow just this. Such opportunities can be really exciting. They offer the chance of a change, to do something you’ve always wanted to do but with the security that a job can bring. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve just received a job offer from a new company. In any case congratulations are in order!

Moving logistics

Unfortunately the excitement that comes along with these opportunities can sometimes be clouded by the logistics of planning the details. You need to consider where you will live, what you need to take with you, what you will leave behind, what you will do with your current home. If you’re renting, what do you do with your things that you don’t want to take with you. If you own your current home then what should you do with it while you are away? Are you happy to rent it out with all your things in it or do you even plan to sell it? The list of considerations and decisions to be made is endless.

Storage to facilitate moving

Don’t let logistics get you down – using a storage unit is a convenient solution that really does minimise the decisions that you need to make. Simply decide what things you want to move with you to your new home. These are the things that you’ll need everyday and immediately and you can take these with you. For anything you don’t need right away, from things you use less often to more bulky items such as furniture, just move these to a storage unit as soon as you like and they can stay there for as long as you like. If you take a unit at Attic Self Storage then we can even help you arrange for some or all of your things from your unit to be sent on to you at a later time wherever in the world you are!

Let us help make moving easier for you – get a quote for one of our units today. You can complete your move and start your new role with peace of mind that all of your things are safe in storage. With our electronically controlled access, you can grant friends or relatives access to your unit if you need to at any point too.