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Storage solutions for shared houses

Shared homes can be fun but how do you make sure your things are safe and fit them all into one room?

Storage solutions for shared houses

With the demand for rented housing pushing rental prices ever higher, houses of multiple occupancies are now a necessary part of London living for many. There can be some really great benefits to this. If you’re moving to the city and don’t have an existing network of friends then they can provide a ready-made social group. This can be a great alternative to socializing with people from the office. They can also be a great way of getting introduced to other people too. Many don’t actually like the thought of living on their own and they are certainly a way of making sure that life is never dull.

Moving your possessions

For whatever reason you might live in a shared home, the likelihood is that you will move much more frequently than if you didn’t. It can sometimes take several attempts to find the right house, your landlord suddenly decides to sell the place or you just don’t get on with your flat mates as well as you want to. And this often means transporting all of your things to a new residence every 6 months. It’s time consuming, frustrating and can really make you feel like you are living out of a suitcase, taking its toll on your energy levels.

Long term storage for your things

There is a simpler way. You can make the process of moving regularly much easier by using a storage unit for the things that you don’t use on a daily basis. So when you do need to move, you don’t need to lug all of your belongings with you every time. They will have their own long term home leaving you free to move around as much as you want to. There are other advantages too; peace of mind that your things are completely safe, you know where they are and can guarantee that they’ll be there in exactly the same place the next time you need them.

Minimalist moving

Putting your items into long term storage doesn’t mean that you can’t use them – with an Attic Self Storage unit you will have complimentary access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can access your things whenever you want. Minimising the amount of things you have to keep in your shared home can have a positive impact on your health too – giving you a clutter free space to relax in as well as less stress every time you move. Then when you find your long term home, with more space, you can move your things in too. Get a quote today, our units start from as little as 10 square feet and they can really reduce the stress of moving.