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Welcoming a new arrival

How much space do babies take up, and how can you make space for them in your home?

Welcoming a new arrival

Babies don’t take up much space, right? Wrong – we hate to be the ones to break the bad news but they will take over your home, and quickly. It begins with everything you need to purchase in the run up to the birth. There’s the cot, the pram, the play mat, the bath, the wardrobe or drawers, the steriliser, the clothes – we could go on and that’s without the endless nappies and cotton wool! Whether they’ll have their own room or be in yours, you will find your rooms gradually becoming storage space for baby paraphernalia.

How much stuff?

And it just continues from then on in. Firstly, there are the clothes, every 3 months they’ll move up a size and you’ll have a whole load of clothes that they’ve grown out of. Then, there’s the accumulation of toys. This happens more gradually but at some point, probably after you’ve just tripped over one in the middle of the night for the 10th time in a week, it will reach a point where you decide something needs to be done. You need to create more space in your home.

Sentimental value

Understandably, we don’t usually want to give away our children’s things. We like to hold on to them, just in case they are needed for siblings or can be loaned to nieces, nephews or friends’ children. In any case they have far too much sentimental value to part with.

Vacuum storage bags

So when you’ve used as many vacuum bags as you can fit in the cupboards, under the beds or behind the sofa, don’t worry there is a solution, and it doesn’t involve moving house! Simply rent a storage unit and as you finish with things, just move them in and free up space in your home – although we suspect in reality, it will quickly be filled by the next round of children’s’ toys and clothes – but you can dream!

Flexible storage units

At Attic Self Storage, we offer flexibility that is often essential for family storage. If you need to move to a bigger unit at any time during your stay, you can arrange this simply by talking to a member of our store team, we can even help you move the things. While in one of our storage units, your things will be perfectly dry and safe, ready for you to take home again when the next child arrives!

So find your nearest store today and request a quotation, you’ll be surprised just how much space you will get back at home.