Personal Storage Units

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Our personal storage facilities offer easy access 24 hours a day, with fully flexible rental terms and a range of sizes.


We just love London, but there’s no denying it can feel a little cramped at times, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.  New homes are smaller, the cost of housing is not going down and moving can be a long, uncertain process.  So where can you safely store your things when you just need a little more space in your life?

Just like people, our personal storage units come in all shapes and sizes.  They all have individual alarms too, although we don’t think that’s like most people!  Short or long term, we’re flexible so you only pay for the days you actually need, with the freedom to add or reduce space at your convenience (and subject to availability, naturally).  We’re here to look after your things, to help you create the space in your life to do great things worry-free.

The storage unit will be yours for as long as you need it, and only you (or anyone nominated by you) will have access to it.  We also offer all our clients complimentary 24 hour access, 365 days a year.

Your space, at your convenience.

Personal Storage Space

Does it feel like your life is getting cluttered?  Everywhere you turn, you have things piled up?  Wouldn’t you just love to make space for the important things in life, if only your home wasn’t just so cramped?  Our self storage units are the answer, we even have secure document storage options available too for your important bills and legal letters.  An extension to your home, your very own personal storage space will keep your belongings safe and dry so you can enjoy a clutter-free existence at home.

London property is pricey.  Make the most of every last square foot of space, feel relaxed in your home, breathe.  Create the space, and see what happens when you do.

We’re here to help with the decluttering, and can provide everything you need too – from cardboard moving boxes for things going in to storage, through Really Useful plastic storage crates to help organise the space you have, to some really friendly but very experienced removal porters who will pack, move and store your things for you.

We’re here to help you make the most of your storage space in London. All you have to do is ask.  Our award-winning, customer service focused, super-friendly team is waiting to hear from you.

What Will It Cost?

Probably more than you think.  Then again, quite a bit less than your spare room is actually worth, if you rent it out instead.

Personal storage units are rented out on a weekly rate.  The rate will vary according to the size of unit, and we will typically bill you monthly (or 4 weekly, you choose) although some clients prefer to take advantage of our pre-pay discounts.  Pricing is set according to availability, and depending on the time of year, there might be special low season deals and self storage offers available, so if possible, take advantage of them to get the best price.

Of course, the biggest factor in pricing is location.  We make no apology for finding great sites in fantastic locations that are super convenient for our clients – we just wish they didn’t cost so much!  But we know location is important, and so we pull out all the stops for our customers.

Don’t forget we do offer a Price Match Guarantee.  If you find the same size personal storage unit available from a local, like for like store, for a lower price we’ll match it.  We also have some tips to reduce self storage costs to help our deal-savvy customers get a great deal on their storage.

For more information have a look at our self storage guide. We also have business storage options available for your corporate needs.


Make some space in your life.  See where it takes you.