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Home Sweet Home Storage

Do you ever get the urge to up sticks and skedaddle for six months? Shake your life up and relocate to somewhere altogether sunnier and less Brexity? Let out your home and let your hair down for a bit?

Home Sweet Home Storage

Having a house full of stuff needn’t be the thing that stops you. Attic Self Storage can help you store as much, or as little house storage as you like to make your home ready for renting out. Whether you need some super secure home storage space for a few weeks, a number of months, or a couple of years.

A World Of Storage Options


Off to visit a Guru in Uttar Pradesh? De-clutter yourself of material possessions before you set off on your spiritual journey by renting some home storage space at Attic in Bow or King’s Cross. We can take care of a house load of books and furniture, or just a selection of your most precious items, depending on what you want to do with your house or flat while you’re away.


Ready to walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Renting out your property could help pay for the trip. You might need your walking boots, but you can leave the rest of your shoe collection with us until you need them again. Along with the contents of your spare room, your bedroom wardrobes and that cupboard under the stairs.


Fancy taking a six-month sabbatical in Sydney? You won’t be needing your winter wardrobe or all those extra sheets and blankets that you’ve hoarded across the years. Put them in our capable hands while you throw your house over to a rental agent and chuck another prawn on the Barbie. No worries.

House Storage For House Boats

You don’t have to be leaving the country to take advantage of our sympathetic customer service and superb storage facilities. Perhaps you’ve decided to go and live on the canal for a change of scenery and a slower pace of life? The Grand Union canal, Regent’s canal and River Lea are all conveniently close to our London storage facilities. But remember – there’s a reason they call narrow boats ‘narrow boats’. If you need to slim down your possessions to fit on board, a storage unit at Attic Self Storage could be just what the captain ordered.

Don’t Let Lack Of Storage Stop You

Hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas about what you can do to stop your property feeling like a ball and chain to be tied down by. You could rent the whole place out, furnished or unfurnished, and go away for a few months. Or you could just clear enough space to let out one room and make a bit of extra income. You could sign up with a traditional letting agent or property management company, or make the most of the digital revolution and stick your place on ‘air bnb’.

Whatever you decide to do with your property, Attic Self Storage are here to provide advice, support and space to help you create exactly the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of. Even if that means staying exactly where you are now but having a thoroughly good clear out.